The Los Angeles Times has an article entitled Americans think robots will steal jobs, but not theirs by Jena McGregor that talks about how most Americans don’t think robotic advancements will affect their jobs personally.

“After years of hearing about the coming robot boom, most Americans believe that the threat of automation in the workforce is real.”

“But when it comes to their own positions, they’re not so worried. A much larger share — 80% — expect their occupations to exist five decades from now. ‘There’s a real disconnect between what people think will happen in the abstract and the extent to which they think it will impact them,’ says Aaron Smith, Pew’s associate director of research.”

In dealing with how to transition through change, denial in dealing with the ending of something is the first stage of the process. Often times it’s not so much that people aren’t aware of the changes taking place but rather that they block out and deny the existence of these changes thus making them invisible to them, even though they could be right under their very noses.