Understanding what creativity is only gives us a limited, singular perspective or dimension of it. To truly begin to grasp creativity as a whole, we need to go beyond the what of it and also understand the how and why of it as well.

What is creativity?

Creativity is “a phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed.”

How does the process of creativity work?

The process of creativity cannot simply be understood logically but instead needs to be understood paradoxically. In effect, creativity is not this or that but often this and that, two or more seemingly opposing things. (Creative tension. Gap. Bridge. Old / new. Destruction / creation. Outside / inside. Divergence / Convergence. Analysis / Synthesis.) (Multitude. Multiple perspectives. Virtually walk around.)

Why do we need creativity?

Creativity allows us to change and adapt to the changing world around us. We do this by transitioning ourselves through this change and transforming ourselves in the process. In effect, we become the product, the social innovation, of applying creativity to our very selves. In doing so, we reframe our perspective of ourselves and of the world around us (known as our “world view”), thus allowing us to see and think in a whole new and valuable way. Paradoxically by letting go of who we’ve been conditionally told to think we are, we become more of who we truly are.