“Goldman Sachs has made an effort to hire beyond Ivy League schools, finding that a ‘top quality’ education didn’t really provide top quality job candidates. Some companies such as Deloitte no longer require college degrees at all—even for professional positions.”

What If High School Were More Like Kindergarten?

Learning based upon engaged curiosity is definitely the way to go, as it fosters intrinsic motivation which leads to discovering your passion and purpose in life. Yet at the same time, there’s a fine line here. One needs to avoid the “gold star” approach whereby everything created by the child is deemed amazing, even though it could be a piece of junk.

In effect, the child needs to learn how to experience and even embrace failure, so that it can be recognized as a valuable learning experience rather than seen as something to be avoided. With an ever increasing changing world, we need individuals and organizations who can sit comfortably within uncertainty, no matter how excruciatingly uncomfortable it may be.