Website that brings employers and employees together in purposeful alignment first. Both seek alignment on culture and values first and technical skills second.

Most work networking sites today do the opposite. They seeking alignment on technical skills first (i.e. job) and culture and values are a secondary afterthought, if at all.

The primary benefit of a purpose approach to work (why I do what I do) is that the person can filter out 80% or more of job postings, since the culture of the company doesn’t align with their purpose and values.

The secondary benefit of this is that both employers and employees can see the demand on the other side. If 80% of employees are looking for a Teal Organization then companies better get their ass in gear and transform themselves to meet this increasing demand. The more companies with this evolved culture, the more employees will jump ship and shift to these newer, evolved work environments.

Organizations need to treat their employees as their first customers. The act of creating the organization should be a socially transforming and empowering for the employees first, causing the reaction to naturally ripple out and repeat with its external customers in turn.