Player’s Handbook


In the 2013 movie Star Trek: Into Darkness, there’s a notable scene where Spock is advising Captain Kirk not to make a rash decision, as it may not be the wisest thing to do at the moment. Kirk turns to him and says he’s right but then responds by saying something quite unexpected for one of sci-fi’s most heroic characters.

What I’m about to do, it doesn’t make any sense.
It’s not logical. It is a gut feeling.

I have no idea what I’m supposed to do.
I only know what I can do.

James Tiberius Kirk

That’s pretty much how the last two decades of my life have felt, as I stepped off the edge of the world I used to know and began wayfinding and making sense of a much larger, newer, unknown world by researching The Future of Work, social innovation, creativity, and vertical development.

During my adventures, I kept making these serendipitous discoveries of synchronicity between my past experiences building communities online around video games and what I was currently researching. Eventually it became apparent to me that these weren’t just coincidences, as my gut kept telling me they there was something deeper and more meaningful here that I needed to discover and reveal, no matter how illogical and absurd it seemed at first glance.

Today it’s becoming apparent to me that I can no longer deny these numerous synchronicities and what they’re revealing, no matter how much my ego wants me to disbelieve them to avoid looking absurd sharing them. If anything though, it would be absurd of me not to share what I’ve discovered, as I believe a lot of the conflict in the world today arises from not knowing about this deeper knowledge of life.

All that said though, I still didn’t know what I was supposed to do with this newer knowledge, even though everyday now I see how it connects to everything in life. All I realized I could do is what I know I can do and have done in the past but this time doing it within a much larger context than I ever imagined before. So as a previous game master, world builder, web developer, and community builder who used to play within imaginary worlds, all I can say to you is “buckle up” because I want to help you make a leap of logic to imagining a whole new world of play on a level you never dreamed of before.

It is about learning to harness a force that has been built into us through millions of years of evolution, a force that allows us to both discover our most essential selves and enlarge our world. We are designed to find fulfillment and creative growth through play.

Stuart Brown

Space is not the final frontier. The final frontier is the human soul.

David Gerrold, Screenwriter & Novelist