Every time I think I’m getting a grasp on understanding creativity, it surprises me. It’s continually unfolding and expressing itself in new ways that blows my mind. That’s probably a good thing because I hate writing about stuff I know. Rather I love writing about what I don’t know but want to know. In effect, writing about what I’m exploring and learning in life.

This site will be no different. I don’t want it to be a stagnant, artificially constructed pond but rather a dynamic, living ocean of flowing thoughts that each day help me to understand the depths of creativity as a powerful, paradoxical force for change in our lives and in our world.

If I must give a quick recap of what I have learnt so far of creativity though, let it simply be this.

  1. We are all creative and we all use creativity.
  2. However, we all are at different stages of mastering creativity.
  3. The more one masters creativity, the more one can apply it to different aspects of one’s life and eventually to one’s life as a whole.
  4. One uses creativity itself to transition between these stages of mastery, shattering old social constructs and reconstructing new ones in the process.
  5. As one reaches the higher stages of creative mastery, one begins to realize that creativity isn’t about continually striving to get to a higher stage but about ultimately learning to live, more and more, within this liminal continuum between stages.

Therefore, as a whole, one initially views creativity as a bridge crossing a flowing river between stable ground. Throughout one’s life, one stops and steps into the river to refresh oneself on one’s journey. Eventually, one day, one stops one’s journey completely, exhausted from seeking, and builds a home by the river where one can immerse and refresh oneself within it daily. Upon reflection, one realizes the bridge and the river are the same thing, crossing each other and connecting back on each other to form the symbol for infinity.

All the maras point the way to being completely awake and alive by letting go, by letting ourselves die moment after moment, at the end of each out-breath. When we wake up, we can live fully without seeking pleasure and avoiding pain, without re-creating ourselves when we fall apart.

Pema Chödrön, When Things Fall Apart

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