Game Playing

Discovering a New Game That Embodies New Values

The point is not to play the same old game, whether we’re buying into it or rebelling against it. Either way, you’re still letting the other person define the terms and set the rules

(which will not be in your favor).

The point is to keep your eye to the horizon, your ear to the ground, and channel the resources around you and the people on your side to discover a new game that embodies new values.

To claim — and to share, to spread, to enable, to inspire — the power to do that.

Justine Musk, Darling It Is Time To Be Powerful

The Creativity of Playful Curiosity

Creativity is all about stealing borrowing and connecting things, and using metaphors to smash things together and transform them into something new. We mix and match and mash, and filter through our own deep personality. This is how we find our originality. So be curious. Be playful. Notice what draws you, what attracts you – let yourself be drawn.

Justine Musk, Don’t Lose The Snake: Creativity, Difference The Bold Point of View

The Developmental Work of Playing

I want to suggest that play is our participation in the process of our own development through imagination. Adults mature through play just as children mature through play precisely insofar as play represents the intermediate step from potential development to actual “work”.

D. Stephenson Bond, Living Myth
Playing Role

Jobs Are Just a Role We’re Playing

I came to see that my job was just a role that I was playing—an important role, of course, but not what defined who I am.

Paul Slakey
Everything Connects